Board of Directors Meeting of December 8, 2014 Summary

Summary of the December 8, 2014 Board of Director’s Meeting
(Via teleconference)

The meeting was held via teleconference on December 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. CST. All board members were present with the exception of Darryl Heinlein. Morris Halliburton attended as an advisor.
Executive Committee Report.
• Sue presented names of two returning members and 4 new members for approval by the Board. The Board welcomes these new members.
• The Association placed an advertisement in the American Livestock Magazine where we have had two recent articles about British White cattle.
• The Association bought one month’s calendar page in the American Cattlemen’s annual calendar. President Wiechmann’s article titled”Fast Forward Your Herd with British Whites” appeared in the November 2014 issue. The calendar is distributed free of charge to subscribers and advertisers in the magazine. Sue will inquire as to whether we can secure calendars for our membership.
• Sue informed the Board of a group of youth who wish to organize into a Junior Association under the BWCAA umbrella. The Board met the news with excitement and instructed Sue to facilitate the creation of a Jr. Association and search for an advisor for the group.
Promotion Committee Report.
• John Kugler reported that the video project met with some setbacks.. The committee was unable to travel to various British White breeders during the summer to take video footage of cattle. As a solution, the videographer requested high quality video from members be submitted to her which may be combined with her own video footage from this spring. Some video has been submitted and hopefully more is on the way soon. We are still hopeful that the project will completed over the winter months.
Annual Meeting Committee Report.
• John Kugler reported that the committee hasn’t met as yet as we are waiting for the 2015 Kansas City Royal Livestock show schedule to be available. John checks their website every week or so. Morris has suggested that we schedule our annual meeting to coincide with the market steer section of the show.
New Business.
Executive Secretary Sue Seep proposed a new fee schedule for membership dues and registration fees. The raising of fees is to position the Association for continued growth and to halt the depletion of the Association’s cash reserves.Sue presented a summary of fee schedules from eight other cattle associations. The proposed fee increases for BWCAA fall comparatively well in line. The Board approved the fee increases which amount to $10 per head increases in most categories of new registrations, $5 to $10 increase in transfer fees, $5 increase in membership fees except for junior members, no increase in herd fees, but a $10 increase in DNA testing.The proposed new fee schedule will be communicated to the membership by letter and voted upon at a later meeting. Once approved it will be posted to the BWCAA website