Board of Directors Meeting of July 12, 2014 Summary

Summary of the July12 Board of Directors Meeting
(Via teleconference)
• The Board approved and welcomed nine new members, 3 junior members and one re-instated member.
• The Board approved a rate increase for Directory Ads from $75/yr to $100/yr. This was based on the increased exposure and value of these ads now that they are displayed on the new website in rotation across the header of all web pages. Also approved was an offer for Directory Ads to be placed on the website for the rest of 2014 for $50.
• The Promotion Committee reported that some footage for the promotional video has been taken but that more footage at more farms is needed.
• The summer edition of e-News will be published the week of July 14th.
• The Nominating Committee reported that Nick Wilson has been nominated to replace Joe Bigbee on the board of directors. The Board expressed appreciation for Joe’s contribution to the board and Association. Jonathan Wiechmann and Kevin Reed agreed to serve another term.
• The Executive Secretary reported that new herdbook software was purchased to be compatible with Windows 8.
• Concerning the upcoming Annual Meeting, the board suggested that the registration fee be reduced to $50 from the proposed $75 to encourage more members to attend and that we offer no pre-registration discount. To provide Christina Traeger with seed money to prepare for the annual meeting, the board approved the amount of $1000 that would be repaid if it is shown that the receipts outweigh the costs.
• Tommy Patterson mentioned that the Show Protocol should be revised and is working on a revision to be discussed at the annual meeting.