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: 3202932995
: Avon, Minnesota
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2015-6 born breeding bulls that are BUILT!!!
development: on grass,
Frame size: 4-5
Genetic ability to add high yielding carcasses to your stocker cattle.
They are deep made, kind of bulls, with WIDE frames, and calving ease bred in. Well balanced all around. They have the distinct beefy face, and are from mothers that made the right kind of milk, in a very admirable udder!

Don't overlook these guys, it is extremely hard to find this right kind of bull to be your herd sire!

Red pointed bull: Damascus is out of a black eared cow, but there is red in that family. He's sired by EJ Sergeant Zale 231
Standard Marked bull: Pegasus is proving to be a heavy muscled bull He is really filling out! Sired by EJ Sergeant Zale 2