Memorial Day in Hettinger on May 30th, 2016

This morning Ericka and I drove to Hettinger, North Dakota, to attend a Memorial Day event held in the museum on the south end of town. We arrived about fifteen minutes early, but the big Quonset was already pretty crowded. We managed to find seats, though, at a table right next to a bright red, fifty-something GMC fire truck. This was really nice except,to see much, we were obliged to peek around a huge picture of Teddy Roosevelt, which was ingeniously fastened to some sort of antique grain mill.

The program started with a very good prayer spoken by a man who had done two tours of duty in Vietnam. The men’s choir group called the Borderline Singers then sang the anthems of all the branches of the military, and those present from the various branches stood and were applauded. After several speeches and the official placing of a wreath, the program ended with a twenty-one gun salute given by the American Legion Color Guard, standing just outside the big open door to the east.
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Nothing Too Hard

Aloha! Every now and again, as I do battle with blizzards and other sorts of nasty weather, thoughts cross my mind of lying in the warm sun on one of those tropical beaches somewhere, and eating a roast beef sandwich. Just picture yourself, giving the old Carhartts and overshoes a good downwind fling and just seriously scrunching your toes deep into the hot sand.
The moist and gentle breezes caress and soothe your dry, frostbitten face as you gaze dreamily, beneath squinty eyelids, at an endless blue expanse of totally, completely unfrozen water, making sleepy, hush, hush, hush sounds as it daintily rolls in and leaves little windrows of puffy white foam,that soon dissipate in the warm and fishy air. Ahh! It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
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Early Check from July 2014

Some thoughts came to mind while checking the bunch in the first hours of a summer morning.

Early Check

What a wonderful place for a cow to sleep
On the top of a hill at night,
In a soft, grassy bed
With her calf at her head
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My British White Cattle Song

July 1, 2014 – Welcome to the “Musings” section of the President’s page, which came about because every now and again a guy has thoughts about life or finds something funny or interesting that would be great to share with friends. I hope you enjoy it.Read More