President’s Letter to the Membership 8.14.2017

Shadehill, SD
August 14, 2017


Dear Members of the British White Cattle Association,

Greetings to all of you, and I hope you are having an enjoyable summer. We’ve had some real challenges here in western South Dakota due to an extreme lack of moisture. The grass is short and hay is scarce. Much of the wheat that was planted would not make a crop and so was baled up early for hay. Lately, though, the weather has cooled somewhat, and we’ve had a few showers that have toughened the grass a little. It’s amazing how things look so much better after a dash of rain.

Our BWCAA Annual Meeting, National Show and Sale in Purcell, Oklahoma, on October 6-7 is now just a little over a month away. I hope very many of you will be able to attend.  Last year’s event was a real success, and we’re hoping this one will also be a very enjoyable weekend for all.

Each year, at the Annual Meeting, we elect three board members to serve a three-year term. Nick Wilson’s term on the board expires this year. He has decided not to run for another term, but we sincerely thank Nick for his years of service with us. His hard work and wise input are greatly appreciated.

Kevin Reed’s term, and my own, also expire this year, but we both have agreed to run again. The third candidate presented by the Nominating Committee is Stuart Blevins from Louisa, Kentucky. Below, I have included a little information about each candidate.

Our annual meetings are always a time of excitement and camaraderie. Please come if you can to renew old friendships, make some new ones and just to spend a very enjoyable weekend with some great people who all have one thing in common, a love for British White cattle.


See you in Purcell.


Jonathan Wiechmann
President BWCAA












I am from Addison, New York, just north of the Pennsylvania border. My wife Diane and I have been in the British White cattle business now approx.. 14 years. We operate a cow/calf operation with approx. 350 head of British White cattle. I have been actively participating in the Association since 2004 and have been serving on the Board of Directors as secretary for the past 10 years. I consider it an honor to represent such a docile, easy handling, versatile breed of cattle.

Thank you.


Stuart Blevins, age 64, is a certified public accountant, still practicing in the area of taxation with a regional firm in Ashland, Ky. Also, having raised beef cattle for many years, he and his late wife, Wanda, discovered the British White breed in a magazine ad many years ago and began raising British Whites shortly thereafter. They joined the British White Cattle Association of America in 2004. In the early years, they traveled to many farms acquiring British Whites from breeders in several states, and in recent years, cattle from Stuart’s farm can be found on numerous farms around the country.

Stuart and Wanda have three adult children and two small grandsons living in San Diego, CA.


Jonathan and his wife Ericka ranch in the breaks of the Grand River near Shadehill, SD. They started their British White herd back in the early 90’s and have run them ever since. These deep-bodied, easy-fleshing cattle proved to be easy on corrals and on the Wiechmann cowkids of all sizes.
Jonathan is honored to have served the BWCAA on its Board of Directors for many years and as its President for the past few years.