Warning to Buyers!

If you are planning to purchase British White Cattle, please be aware of the British White Cattle Association of America guidelines as published in our Breeders Guide, Rules and Regulations Booklet. There are many breeds that resemble British White cattle and are marketed as “British White” cattle. Please make sure you see an actual registration certificate issued by the British White Cattle Association of America if you wish to purchase the real thing, Registered British White Cattle!
“Animals and/or their progeny registered with another association that qualify as British White may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be registered as British White and recorded in the British White Herdbook. Any cattle showing British White characteristics that are unregistered will be considered another breed. To finalize such a request a breeder must surrender the original certificates to the BWCAA. If request is approved and animals recorded in the British White Herdbook, British White Certificates will be issued and returned in their place.
Remember, a buyer is not authorized to register a purchased animal. An animal’s first owner is, alone, authorized to register that animal, and so it is wise to see the animal’s registration certificate before you purchase. If the animal you are purchasing is not registered, make sure the seller is actually planning to register that animal and then transfer it to you.”