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Warning to Buyers!

If you are planning to purchase British White Cattle, please be aware of the British White Cattle Association of America guidelines as published in our Breeders Guide, Rules and Regulations Booklet. There are many breeds that resemble British White cattle and are marketed as “British White” cattle. Please make sure you see an actual registration certificate issued by the British White Cattle Association of America if you wish to purchase the real thing, Registered British White Cattle! “Animals … [Read More...]

International Year Tattoo Code

Lots of our Breeders are calving this time of year and it is nice to refresh your memory on the tattoo year code.  The year 2017 is the letter "E".  The other years are listed here so you will be able to find them when you need to! International Tattoo Code 2013-A 2014-B 2015-C 2016-D 2017-E 2018-F 2019-G 2020-H 2021-J 2022-K 2023-L 2024-M 2025-N 2026-P 2027-R 2028-S 2029-T 2030-U 2031-W 2032-X 2033-Y 2034-Z 2035-A 2036-B Please note that not all letters of the alphabet are used due to … [Read More...]

2016 National BWCAA Sale Auction results!

British White Cattle Association National Sale was held on October 1st, 2016 at the McClain Co Expo Center in Purcell, Oklahoma. In 2015, our Annual Membership Meeting and National Show had been held in this location but this was the first time we have held a sale there. Our sale was held in an outside arena with the sale ring and viewing pens set up there where all could mingle and get a good look at the great set of cattle offered for sale. The weather was perfect and both the Show and Sale … [Read More...]