DNA Testing

The cost to have a DNA test run on a British White animal is $35.00 and it takes approximately four (4) weeks to get the results back.

DNA tests are prepaid to the BWCAA.

Send each animal’s name, registration number, your payment and a letter to the BWCAA office requesting a DNA test. The BWCAA office will send you a form with each animal’s information on it. When you receive the form, the samples should be gathered, the form signed and dated. The back copy of the form is mailed back to the BWCAA. The other copies and the DNA sample are mailed direct to the DNA Lab at the address included in the packet.

If you are requesting DNA testing done on an animal not yet registered, send the name that you plan on registering that animal as, date of birth, location of birth (state), whether male or female, coloring (Standard, Undermarked or Overmarked) and list the dam and/or sire if known with their registration number.

Be sure to specify your reason for needing the DNA. Establish bull as an A.I. Sire, Establish cow as a Donor Dam or Parentage Confirmation.

When the test is completed the lab will send the results direct to the BWCAA office and the office will send you a report for your files.