Our History

Since formation in 1987, the British White Cattle Association of America has continued to be the official registry of British White Beef Cattle in North America. The British White Cattle Association of America remains very active today and as an active member you have the opportunity to participate in a variety of livestock events & industry meetings as well as record your British White Beef Animals in the official registry at reduced rates.

“A Brief History of British White Cattle in America”

We give special thanks to Tom Zimmerman of Des Moines, Iowa, for his help in gathering and providing most of the information for this look into our history. He really gives us an insight to this wonderful breed of cattle.

A considerable amount of material, both published and un-published, has been consulted and reviewed during the writing and rewriting of this publication. We are sure there is more information left out than included here, but, never the less, we feel it will make interesting reading if you have an interest in British White Cattle.

Available in PDF format allows for easy download that can be printed as a hard copy.

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