Promotional Regions Program

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The British White Cattle Association has consistently supported many Show opportunities that our members have made available through their hard work and diligence. A few of these have been the creation of British White Breed classes at the Arizona Livestock Show, Oklahoma Youth Expo and the Oklahoma City State Fair. We are most grateful that Shows featuring British White Breed classes are now available for our Members to show in and hope that there will become more of these in the future.

The exposure to the general public to British White cattle is enormous due to the very hard work that has been done by some of our members. These, along with our members participating in local, county and state fairs in AOB classes around the country will remain outside the scope of the Promotional Regions Program, but will continue to be fully supported by the Association. We hope that our members will continue to find areas at similar venues where British White Breed classes can be made available to all our members. In addition to the British White Cattle Association of America supporting these types of shows, we would like to introduce the new Promotional Regions Program. Our membership resides in many states throughout the country and there are challenges with regards to being able to hold events and meetings at a time and location that would be accessible fairly to all. By creating Promotional Regions, we should be able to better serve our membership by creating opportunities for promotional events that are more accessible to all. The members who wish to become more active by organizing and promoting events in their region would know the best time of year, when there may be conflicts with other shows in their region, the best locations and venues as well as being able to find sponsors and advertisers to help defray many of the costs that may be involved.

Promotional Regions:

  1. North West Region: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas
  2. South West Region: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada
  3. North Central Region: Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois
  4. North East Region: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, also includes Canada at this time
  5. South East Region: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina
  6. Texas Region: Texas, also includes Mexico at this time
  7. Oklahoma Region: Oklahoma

2021 Regions Committee rules:

The Promotional Regions Program is a totally voluntary program formed under the Regions Committee, offered to our Membership for the purpose of supporting all our members with their promotional activities. The goal is for members to have opportunities that are closer to them and easier to schedule and/or attend than may have been previously available to them due to geography and distance concerns.
The Board may approve changes or adjustments to the different regional configurations to better serve our Membership should that become necessary. This voluntary program would give those regional areas more control over events that may be better suited or of more interest to them due to location or other situations.

A region may decide to organize and choose an active adult member who has paid annual dues and herd fees or be a life member and pay annual herd fees, to be their regional representative on the Regions Committee for a two (2) year term. A list of current active adult members with their contact information will be provided to each region. In order to be considered to be a representative from that region, they must present signatures from at least 60% of the active adult members who have paid annual dues and herd fees or be life member and pay annual herd fees residing in that region designating them as such. It is not necessary for regions to elect regional directors or boards for the purpose of the promotional regions program. Regional dues are not suggested by the BWCAA. The term of such a representative will be from the time their regional validation, in the form of signatures, is presented to the Regions Committee, until the end of the second calendar year. At the beginning of a new two-year term, that region must reaffirm their choice of representative in the same manner. If a current representative were to resign, the position will remain unfilled until such time as the region were to choose another representative in the same manner. If at any time during their term that region wishes to change or replace their regional representative, that request would need to be made in writing and accompanied by signatures of at least 60% of the active adult members who have paid annual dues and herd fees or be a life member and pay annual herd fees residing in that region.

The purpose of a regional representative is to bring to the Regions Committee, proposals made and approved by the majority of the members in that region, to host a BWCAA sponsored event. The Regions Committee would then bring that proposal to the Board of Directors at the next Board of Director Meeting for approval. The Board of Directors has the authority to approve or disapprove any regional event that is to be considered a British White Cattle Association sponsored event.

In order to be considered for approval as a British White Cattle Association of America sponsored event it must:

  1. Follow any and all BWCAA rules and regulations published in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws booklet and the Breeders Guide, Rules and Regulations booklet.
  2. Any BWCAA sponsored regional event must promote and/or include only cattle registered by the British White Cattle Association of America. Inclusion of cattle other than BWCAA registered cattle that are being portrayed as British Whites, will result in that event being prohibited from using the BWCAA name, logo, other resources of the BWCAA, and be prohibited from being presented to the public as being involved in any way with the British White Cattle Association of America. This would not apply to participation in AOB shows or non BWCAA sponsored shows, for example county or state fairs.
  3. Be legal by obtaining any necessary permits and adhering to all local, state and federal regulations, ordinances and/or reporting requirements. Copies of compliance with the before mentioned legal permits and regulations must accompany the proposal.
  4. Present a proposed date and location of the event.
  5. Provide a personnel list with specific job titles and responsibilities and who the person or persons are that have agreed to perform those responsibilities. Provide any cost that would be associated with those personnel.
  6. If monetary funds are requested, the proposal must provide a detailed budget which would include any and all costs for such an event. Provide a detailed breakdown of all donations, sponsorships or fund-raising money raised for funding the event. Detail any entry fees or other fees that would be charged prior to or at the event. List the expected attendance projections.
  7. The event must be open to participation by any current active member in good standing.

The Board of Directors will have the authority to allocate funds to help support regional events. Funds would only be available for funding Youth or Junior Shows for those Youth members under the age of 19. Funds would not be available for sales held in a region as those are considered to be profit generating. Sales held by a region are certainly encouraged and would help fund other programs a region may wish to put on but funding for those sales would not be provided by the Association. Should an event include a sale or adult show as part of their regional event, the Board reserves the right to determine if any funding would be available for the portion that would qualify for funding on a case by case basis. Should regions wish to host a combined region event, the possible funding available would be based on the event proposed. If funding by the Association is awarded for a regional event, all funds are to be deposited and paid out from the BWCAA bank and all financial accounting will be done using the accounting software used by the BWCAA office. The purpose of this action is to be able to assess the viability of funded events and to help budgeting projections for the future participation by the Association. This would include any money generated by donations, sponsorship, fund raising done on a regional level for the purpose of putting on a BWCAA sponsored event, as well as any money that is collected at the event. Checks can be mailed to the office and cash must be converted to a cashier's check and mailed to the office. Any bills incurred by that region for a sponsored event must have previously been included in the initial budget approved by the Board. A financial accounting of the event will be made available once all financial transactions are completed. This accounting will be kept using the accounting software used by the office, by region. Should any region show a profit on an event, that amount will be kept for that region to use towards a future event's budget and not be available to be spent by any other region. Due to the fact that many different types of events may be proposed by regions and regions may propose more than one event per year, the Board reserves the right to allocate funding on a case by case basis. It would be very difficult to set specific dollar amounts as there is no wish to restrict any region from having multiple events of varying types in a year. In addition, it is possible that more opportunities may become available in some regions whose members wish to be very active. The Board will also strive to be able to fund all regions fairly without depleting the Association's ability to function financially. The regional funding will be assessed each year by the Board of Directors and changes may or may not be necessary as to how regional funding is provided by the Association. The Board of Directors shall have final authority over any funding for promotional regional events. In addition to possible funding, a Calendar of Events will be posted on the BWCAA website, with any proposed or approved events. Regions should take great care not to propose events that would conflict with other similar events being held in a different region so that as many members as possible would be able to attend any event as well as the general public.

Advertising on the BWCAA website and some social media sites would be provided for each event as well as email notifications made to our membership. British White Cattle Association of America sponsored events would be covered by the General Liability insurance in effect by the BWCAA as long as the insurance company currently used is properly notified of each specific event and has issued an enforcement for locations where the Named Insured is performing ongoing operations. This has been standard practice for events where the British White Cattle Association of America have hosted events.

Disagreements within regions or between regions would be dealt with by those individual regions. Should any disagreements arise between a region and the Association, the Board of Directors would be the final authority and decisions made by them would be final.

  • Revisions: Correction - Illinois is in North Central Region. All states now listed. 8.25.2020
  • Mexico listed with Texas Region 1/12/2021, Canada listed in the North East Region.

Regional Event Proposal Checklist

  • Region:
  • Proposed Date:
  • Proposed Location:
  • Type of Event:
  • Contact Person for Event:
  • Volunteer Name:
  • Duties and Responsibility/ pd or not
  • Volunteer Name:
  • Duties and Responsibility/pd or not
  • Anyone hired for the event? List their name, address, job, amount agreed to be paid
  • List all permits, regulations or reporting requirements needed and provide copies of compliance
  • If funding is requested from the BWCAA, please provide the following:
  • Attach detailed budget
  • Breakdown of donations, sponsorships or fund raising for the event
  • Entry fees or other fees charged
  • Expected attendance