Heifer for youth

This program is designed to help youth get started in raising British White cattle while also spreading awareness and promoting the breed. A member-donated heifer calf will be awarded to one applicant based upon merit, future goals and the ability to care for the animal each year at our National Meeting.

Applications will be accepted from youth across America within the age group 8 to 15 years as of January 1st of that current year. They must also be a 4-H or FFA member who is in good standing with their club/chapter. Previous winners of the BWCAA Youth Heifer Program are ineligible. All applications must be received by the BWCAA office by July 15 of the current year and will be reviewed by an independent selection committee. The heifer will be owned jointly with the BWCAA until program completion, which is when the heifer’s first calf is reinvested into the Heifer for Youth program. At this time the participant will receive full ownership.

Rules and applications are available by contacting the Association office.

BWCAA members are encouraged to download the program rules and application forms for distribution to their local 4-H and FFA programs